Markets King’s Day Vlissingen 2022

This year, on King’s Day, Wednesday, April 27, 2022, a market will certainly be kept in the facility of Vlissingen up until 16.00 p.m. Throughout the town hall you will certainly see carpets with the very best deals on them.
The flea market is extremely suggested if you are seeking great things. Naturally you can likewise offer your very own things on the free enterprise!

Where can I rest?

When showing things, fire escape and also entryways to houses have to be maintained clear. A free enterprise might not be held for stores that suggest that they are open. You can likewise offer things anywhere within the defined location. 
On the connected map you can see where you can and also can not rest. The locations where you can place your carpet:

  • Aagje Dekenstraat on the even side;
  • Toolbox Square;
  • Coosje Buskenstraat on the even side;
  • little market;
  • lengthy zelke;
  • spoon road;
  • Old market. Please note: the Vrouwenstraat has to stay available;
  • St. Jacobs Road;
  • Spuistraat, on the square. Please note: accessibility to Marktstraat have to stay available;
  • Walstraat;
  • cruising market.

Get a location

Are you preparing to note off a location to schedule it ahead of time? After that you might not make use of paint or glue tape (duck tape) that leaves adhesive deposit. As an example, usage chalk or concealing tape (painter’s tape). After that you can conveniently get rid of words ‘active’ later on. We anticipate you to get rid of the glue tape on your own prior to showing your product.
If you schedule a location, it is feasible that somebody else will certainly inhabit this area. See to it you get on time, after that the possibility that a person will certainly being in your location is a whole lot smaller sized. If this does occur, attempt to function it out with each other. Nevertheless, King’s Day is a positive day!

Your waste and also places of waste containers

Our demand to you: clean your possessions after the marketplace and also do not leave anything behind! We put containers for waste at different places:

  • Schutterijstraat, near Scherminkelstraat;
  • Schutterijstraat, near Kolvenierstraat;
  • Torenstraat, edge Lange Zelke.

Paid car parking

Paid and also allow owners car parking uses on King’s Day. Maintain that in mind when you go to or go to the flea market!

Personal people

What may not be offered?

You can offer virtually anything you desire. There are a couple of exemptions! Personal people are not permitted to offer or hand out the adhering to items completely free:

  • Disposable food, such as meat (sate, kebab and so on).
  • Fish or fish items;
  • Milk (or items that make use of dairy products);
  • Drinks with and also without alcohol.  

The sale of this supposed ‘subject to spoiling item’ is limited to providing facilities developed in Vlissingen, the accredited itinerant profession or to specialist investors and also firms if this specifies to the market.
On the  sale of alcohol without a permit or exception, will certainly be purely inspected throughout King’s Day! If enforcers from the district of Vlissingen or the authorities see that you are marketing alcohol, this beverage will certainly be seized.

Travelling profession and also event catering

Accredited travelling profession is allowed the adhering to places:

  • Head of the Walstraat (Scheldeplein).
    Is just for long-term stand owners on Saturdays;
  • Lange Zelk, edge Spuistraat.
    international treats;
  • Old market.
    Delicious chocolate, liquorice and also confectionery and also enjoyment (merry-go-round or comparable), 2 pitches.  

These pitches have to be considered. An exhibitor might not be prevented by individuals in the free enterprise and also have to have the ability to easily inhabit his stand. 

Business Owners

Sale of subject to spoiling items by providing and also specialist investors

  • A specialist supplier remains in property of a legitimate and also initial CRK card (Main Enrollment Workplace for Ambulant Profession). A duplicate is not permitted;
  • Both evidence of enrollment and also recognition by name have to be revealed on website. Just these dealerships are permitted to offer items with a permit at the abovementioned places.  

Market industry-specific foods

  • Non-catering firms such as pastry shops, butchers and also greengrocers are permitted to offer subject to spoiling items. Both from their company and also before their very own door;
  • This is just permitted if it worries supposed ‘industry-specific’ food. As an example, the greengrocer markets fruit salad, the butcher burger buns and also the baker dessert buns;
  • Without an exception under the Licensing and also Event Catering Act, the sale of liquors before the door is not permitted.

The district wants everybody a positive King’s Day 2022

Free market locations on King's Day 2022


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