Getting to Holland

Flying to Holland

Read more about Schiphol and other airports in the Netherlands, accessibility of big cities, and roads and public transport in and between the cities.

By train

Holland is only a few hours away if you take the Eurostar from London.

Travelling by car in Holland

Discover what you need to know about driving a car in Holland.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is AMS Airport?
    AMS are the letters used to indicate Schiphol Airport.Read more
  • Are there hotels at Schiphol Airport?
    Various hotels can be found at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the surrounding area.
  • I’m looking for a map of the Amsterdam airport.
    Schiphol is Amsterdam’s official airport. You can find a map of the airport on the website and Schiphol app.Read more
  • I’m looking for cheap flights to Amsterdam.
    Schiphol Airport is located right next to Amsterdam. You can also fly straight to airports in Rotterdam, The Hague or Eindhoven and discover the Netherlands from here.Read more


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