The Utrecht free Market

In Utrecht we commemorate King’s Day with a free market. The marketplace begins on Tuesday, April 26 at 18.00 pm as well as finishes Wednesday, April 27 at 18.00 pm. You can deal used products on the free enterprise. Everybody can get involved as well as take down a carpet in the free enterprise location.

The location

The map listed below programs the free market location. The free market remains in the eco-friendly as well as blue roads. Below you can place your gown down. The location within the purple lines is car-free from April 26 at 15.00 PM to April 27 at 23.00 PM.

Even more details concerning web traffic in the town hall throughout King’s Day

The car-free area from the Catharijnekade to the Wittevrouwensingel, along the Weerdsingel OZ, via the Hopakker and Bemuurde Weerd to the Nieuwekade.

Join the free market

  • Everybody can get involved:  you can take down a carpet in the free market location from Tuesday 26 April at 18.00 pm to Wednesday 27 April at 18.00 pm. You can select an area on your own as well as you do not need to sign up. And also you can not lease a stand or delay.
  • Kid’s Free Markets:  2 locations in the city are scheduled for youngsters’s garments sales. These are the Nijntjepleintje as well as the Van Asch van Wijckskade. Numerous youngsters’s tasks are additionally arranged in the areas. This year there will certainly be no youngsters’s free enterprise in the Lepelenburg.
  • Just ‘flea market’:  throughout the free enterprise you can market all your gathered products from the previous years. The marketplace is just for used things. Business sale is not enabled.
  • Offer food as well as beverages:  You are not enabled to market food or liquors on the free enterprise. You may, nonetheless, market various other beverages in shut product packaging, such as containers of soda.
  • Waste:  have not you marketed whatever? Do not leave your unsold products in the free enterprise location. Take your valuables house or place them in a container. These lie at main factors in the free enterprise location.
  • Peaceful duration:  a peaceful duration uses on 27 April from 1.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. Throughout this duration you are not enabled to make unneeded sound hassle. You are additionally not enabled to play magnified songs.



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